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  • E. Leo Foster

Murdering Our Memory is now available...

Check out E Foster B's new novel on Amazon.

E Foster B tells the heartbreaking story of Johnny, who desperately tries to make the most of his second chance at life after being released from prison. In the struggle to overcome the tough odds that an ex-felon faces back in society, Johnny discovers quickly that a second chance doesn’t exist, and that freedom actually never truly exists again. When he recognizes that he can’t run away from his past, he decides to destroy it. In his destructive rage, he meets others that are imprisoned by their past too. Johnny ultimately recognizes that everybody lives an ongoing prison sentence, except some people are locked behind white picket fences and are serving a life sentence for their family secrets.

This book is an onion you want to eat raw! Chapter after chapter, you peel the layers back until every character’s true intentions are revealed. Not to mention, in midst of discovering society’s sickness, you find yourself in tears as The Exiles sneaks in a love story that’s more real and powerful than any romance novel.



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