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  • Jamasy James

The Xperience Factory's Sucket List is now available...

Check out E Foster B's new novel on Amazon.

The Xperience Factory’s Sucket List is designed to appear like a travel agency’s catalog, where it advertises its most popular excursions. Following each of the so-called excursion’s write-ups, an ongoing story about Coop, a desperate man, is disguised through reviews written by previous participants of each advertised excursion, or more accurately, each experience. After the readers realize the fourth wall separating them from the characters doesn’t exist, they discover fatal lies have led Coop to suicidal tendencies. Coop eventually overcomes these tendencies in an ironic twist when he stares at death directly in the eyes and finally sees the elusive truth that devasted his life.

I couldn’t put this one down! Davis Cooper (Coop) is a suicidal man who finds meaning by taking on the challenges presented by the Xperience Factory, a company that offers a list of death-defying experiences. The book features a unique format, including participant reviews of each experience. (Examples of the adventures are “Punch Your Boss” and “Be Taken Hostage”). It’s a totally different type of book than anything I’ve read before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some people commented that the reviews within the book threw them off a bit, but you are basically reading a catalog featuring customer reviews (which move the action along). Bear with the inventiveness until you get used to the format, and you will absolutely enjoy this exceptional book!



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