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E Foster B

Author of The Xperience Factory's Sucket List & Murdering Our Memory

On Fire

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Murdering Our Memory

E Foster B tells the heartbreaking story of Johnny, who desperately tries to make the most of his second chance at life after being released from prison. In the struggle to overcome the tough odds that an ex-felon faces back in society, Johnny discovers quickly that a second chance doesn’t exist, and that freedom actually never truly exists again. When he recognizes that he can’t run away from his past, he decides to destroy it. In his destructive rage, he meets others that are imprisoned by their past too. Johnny ultimately recognizes that everybody lives an ongoing prison sentence, except some people are locked behind white picket fences and are serving a life sentence for their family secrets.

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The Xperience Factory's  $%¢k€₸ £i$₸

The Xperience Factory’s S%¢k€₸ £i$₸ is the manifestation of a surging underground movement ignited by Coop, a suicidal man who feels alive only when he attempts to kill himself.

Published as an annual catalog for the premier business specializing in arranging extraordinary adventures, Coop’s evolution from a couch potato to a legendary daredevil is chronicle through each advertisement of its top fifteen ventures and its customers’ reviews. Within this book, the fourth wall separating the readers from the characters is torn down page by page.  Without this usual barrier, readers go beyond just taking in a novel; they become part of the phenomena motivating millions to live their best lives.

While Coop’s story of reclaiming happiness and rediscovering his soul is uniquely death-defying and bold, readers still end up relating to his struggles because they, too, grapple with the same struggles in their own lives. Readers find a kindred spirit in Coop and the other characters that made The Xperience Factory through this connection.  

For these reasons, it is not a surprise that after so many consume this groundbreaking read, they join the movement and take on incredible journeys themselves, creating their own life-worthy experiences.   


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I must say that Experience Factory is an incredibly creative and refreshing take on society and the human condition. It is bold and counter-intuitive and led this reader to gobbling up each chapter to see what would happen next. I highly recommend this book if you hanker for a refreshingly unusual and sardonic read as opposed to the humdrum of the ever-deadening usual. Get ready for a wonderful ride.




The Sucket List is a tirade. A scathing call to arms. And whether or not that’s a good thing depends on your point of view.

Most books about life-quests are hopelessly sappy. This one is a raised middle digit. A furious search for meaning and purpose in a vapid, amoral world. Praise is due to E Foster B for not pulling his punches, for reminding us how to squirm, for insisting that the road to freedom is worth the pain it inflicts. All that’s required of us as readers is to take this message to heart.



Very interesting read! The author DOES do a great job of making the main character feel relatable through human emotion. I didn't particularly LIKE the characters, but making somewhat unlikeable characters is a skill in itself and you do still form an emotional connection nonetheless. I love the very smart style of storytelling he utilized and the use of shorter chapters to properly convey flashbacks and a cliffhanger-y feel. I also didn't see the ending coming, but it was very realistic without cheap tricks or overused tactics.



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