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  • E. Leo Foster

Assassination of Love Story is now available...

Check out E Foster B's new novel on Amazon.

E Foster B tells the story of a widow and mother who lost her son. Following in the footsteps of her late husband, a journalist who aspired to be famous, Jackie takes over an investigation to find out who killed her husband and son and ultimately why.

Other than the memories of her dysfunctional marriage, all that remains of Jackie's family is her late husband's case file, a collection of evidence which reveals why somebody would kill their son.

Since Jackie can't bring her family back to life, she revives Eddy's investigation instead. Even if it leads to her demise, she follows her husband’s trail, where she discovers the inner workings of a deadly international spy network.

As therapy to help her mourn her losses and deal with the gravity of investigating a global conspiracy, she rekindles her love for her husband by writing letters, saying what she never told him when he was alive. Inevitably, these letters and the renewed investigation not only lead to Jackie's self-discovery; they uncover why somebody killed the two most important men in her life.


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